Market Research

Analyzing the audience is the most important step in building a Brand. There are a plethora of brands out there offering the same service to the people. So, conducting market research is essential to understand the behavior of people towards the service/product you are about to sell.

Brand Goal Definition

A thorough Market Research reveals the shortcomings of the services/products out there. It gives us a kick-start with our brand guidelines and a perspective towards how to use the shortcomings of others to our advantage.

Brand Building

A brand is a representation of the products it offers. The Brand identity is visually represented through the Logo of the Brand. This takes some time because this will be a permanent representation of the brand, and will not be easily modifiable.

Rivalry Research

Everyone who’s competing against the brand is a rival. Researching about them gives us an insight into how they operate and why people stick to certain brands like they do. This is thorough research of the competing brands, along with why and what people prefer about them.

Brand Guideline Formation

Once we have all the data we need to operate, it’s time to construct the Brand Guidelines. The Brand Guidelines are not only important to the target audience, but also to introduce the Brand to the world. It creates a Brand perception and plays a role in how the brand communicates.

Brand Launch

Brand Launch is an important event when the Brand identity is revealed to the world and its existence comes into play. Depending on the magnitude of the Brand, a brand launch event is planned. People are familiarized with the Brand and what it represents.