Product Probe

The most important element of an e-commerce website is the Product. A thorough investigation of the product/service is carried out to understand the nature of the product. The detailed study also helps in identifying the elements of the products that can be used to enhance the design of the website.

Audience Analysis

Every product/service has a set audience. Building the e-commerce website around customer preferences tends to enhance the sales by quite a margin. Hence, analyzing the audience will help with improving the overall website experience.

Determining Elements

After the product and audience study, elements are finalized for the website. Elements refer to the visual components of the website. The design of the website will be revolving around the elements to add to the aesthetics of the e-commerce website

Website Design & Development

The product elements that are finalized in the preceding process are used to determine the best-suited design for the e-commerce website. Since the target is to enhance sales, the design of the website is designed keeping in mind that the interface is easy to use by anyone.

Testing & Debugging

After the website takes a form, the different features are tested to ensure there are no defects when a consumer uses the website. All the components of the e-commerce website are tested and any bugs present are removed.


After a series of tests, the website is ready to be published. The complete website is shown to the owner before launch, and after it is approved, the site is launched.


The post-production stage involves maintaining and updating the website from time to time. Maintainance refers to minor changes and bug fixes.