Tech Consultancy

Round Table Conference

Consultancy starts when we learn about the Organization processes. The first meeting we conduct is to learn and understand how the company works and what are the challenges faced through these processes. Through Tech Consultancy, we only look into the technical affairs of the organization and how we can improve the residing Technology.

Prevailing Technology Study

After learning about the company processes and operations, a detailed study is conducted to obtain data regarding the prevailing technology used by the Organization. The data obtained by this study is then cross-referenced to understand process execution using the relevant tech.

Feasibility Study

A feasibility study is conducted to evaluate the changes that are to be made into the organization. The study is conducted keeping in mind the existing processes and the nature of the Business. Compatibility is kept in mind while cross-referencing the technology with the processes.

Evaluation and Assessment

After the Hardware is studied and we have an evaluation, it’s time for assessing the required Tech upgrade or replacement. The complete solution is presented after a vigorous study. The feasibility study helps in understanding compatibility which is verified during the study process.

Solution Visualization

Before the Solutions are implemented, the organization is given a visual experience of the changes that are to be made. It helps them to make an informed decision since technical changes cannot be understood on paper. A demo helps to differentiate between the old and the new solution.

Solution Implementation

The Solution, when finalized is implemented at a slow pace. Initially, tests are done on a few systems to verify the integrity of the New Solution implemented. After testing and resolving any bugs/issues found in the solution, it is then implemented at a large scale throughout the organization.