UX Design

Audience Analysis

To be able to understand the end-users, we need to analyze what feels natural and easily accessible to the target audience. This step involves evaluating different aspects of the audience so that a suitable experience can be created for them.

Problem Definition

Once enough analyzed data is gathered, the problem is then defined. Defining problems gives us a clear scope of objective goals that are kept in mind while creating an interactive User Experience Design.

Brainstorming Ideas

After defining the objectives of the project, we have a clear idea of what we want to implement into the project. And this marks the beginning of the brainstorming sessions wherein the project ideas are discussed and the feasibility of the project is discussed.

Prototype Creation

It comes down to the Top-3 ideas, which are then discussed with the client. After the said ideas being discussed, we move forward to the stage of Prototype Creation where the ideas are turned into prototypes. As soon as we get a green light on one of the ideas, it’s time to build them up from the prototype.

Implementation & Evaluation

The prototype was the first basic build of the project. The objectives defined are now fulfilled. Ideas are implemented into the project timeline, and the clients are consulted with the progress that is made over time. Evaluation at each step is necessary so that the project is completed in time and with precision.