Web Applications

Project Definition

A meeting is arranged to understand the different facets of the Project. A detailed discussion is carried out and the minutes of the meeting helps in retaining the facts. A presentation of the proposed solution is then prepared to be shown to the client.

Feasibility Study

After the meeting, a feasibility study is then conducted. The Project is analyzed and the feasibility and budget reports are made. Analyzing the project gives a rough project estimation which is then submitted for review. A rough project estimate is calculated which includes the timeline of the project and the expected expenditure.

Workflow Wireframe

After a contract is signed, the design process is initialized. A wireframe is designed and the key elements are placed. The process is communicated with the client and after the wireframe is finalized, the design process initiates.

Application Construction

The construction phase initiates by the development of other components in the workflow. The client is kept in communication while selecting a design for the web application. The design adds aesthetic to the visual experience of the web application.

Testing & Debugging

As the project advances towards completion, testing is conducted on various components of the web application to ensure that everything works seamlessly. Errors are eliminated and the project is ready to be deployed.

Application Deployment

The application is ready to be used by the end-users and is delivered over to the client. The client can now make use of the web application for the intended functions.


The post-production phase includes updating the application from time to time or fixing any minor bugs that might have been missed out during the testing phase.