Web Development

Client Expectation Study

The first interaction with the client to understand what is expected out of the project. An in-depth discussion is made during this interaction and the major requirements are noted down. A detailed report is then constructed which is used for calculating the expected expenditure of the Project.

Client Budget Evaluation

After having a detailed report of what the client expects out of the project, we can calculate an estimate of the project cost. It is then discussed with the Client and the expenses are explained. If the cost exceeds the Client’s budget, a revamp around the report is done to fit the client’s budget.

Project Exploration & Planning

We have the final report of the components that are to be put in the Web Development Project. The theme is now explored and a template is selected by the client on which the project is established. The details are planned out and the components are divides into structures that will be built into the project.

Wireframe Workflow

A wireframe is designed which gives a visualization of the final project structure. The client is kept in communication and helps to finalize the structure of the Web Development project. After the wireframe is finalized, the design and visual elements are ready to be constructed.

Design & Development

The template that the client chose is used as the base of the Project design. The pages and visual components are roughly designed and placed. The client is shown the rough sketch of how the web development project will look like once final, and if any major changes are to be made, they are made in this process.

Testing & Debugging

The web development project is thoroughly analyzed so that there are no errors present. The basics are re-analyzed, and the site is optimized so that there is no lag in performance after the site is launched. The final project is presented to the client before it is launched for any minor changes, if any.


After the Client approves the project, it is launched. The web development project is now complete and if the client needs any help to market the project, we avail them with the services we offer. Otherwise, the web development cycle is now fulfilled.


The post-production stage of the web development project consists of bugs fixing and timely updates to elements of the website. These are although, minor changes to the website and do not include incremental module upgrades.